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Tree Removal Service in Calgary, Foothills County, Rocky View County, Wheatland County

Why Choose Pro-Trim Tree Services Ltd.

Our certified team provides a comprehensive array of tree services tailored to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Calgary Census Metropolitan Area (CMA). Our expertise includes tree removal and preparation of pre-construction sites by eliminating trees that may impede progress. We address the removal of aging and infested trees, which can harbor various hazardous insects, arachnids, reptiles, and rodents, potentially posing health risks and increasing the likelihood of wildlife encounters and venomous attacks on humans and pets.


The imperative to remove certain trees is primarily driven by safety concerns. We proactively remove trees that pose potential risks to properties. As certified arborists, we possess the requisite skills and knowledge to safely eliminate trees of any species from any property. It is strongly recommended that tree removal be entrusted solely to certified professionals, as amateur attempts have led to property damage, injuries, and even fatalities.


In instances where trees encroach upon neighboring properties, we execute professional removal procedures without causing damage to either the client's property or adjacent properties. Top Notch Tree Experts is a certified, insured, and seasoned tree removal service highly regarded across the Calgary area. Tree removal in urban and suburban settings, including city centers, demands expertise. Large trees, in particular, can impede traffic and pedestrian flow. Equipped with the necessary tools and manpower, we safely remove sizable trees from bustling city centers throughout the Calgary metropolitan region. Even the relocation of smaller trees is best handled by our certified arborists to ensure the tree's continued health. Contact us on weekdays, weekends, and holidays for prompt assistance, including emergency services.

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