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Tree Pruning and Trimming Services in Calgary, Foothills County, Rocky View County, Wheatland County

Expert Trimming & Pruning

At Pro-Trim Tree Services, we adhere to meticulous trimming techniques aimed at preserving the vitality of shrubs and hedges while enhancing their aesthetic appeal within your landscape. Our commitment extends to employing proper maintenance practices to ensure these green features flourish year-round. As spring ushers in its early bloom, our expert team embarks on a comprehensive trimming regimen, addressing all flowering shrubs promptly to optimize their growth potential. We initiate pruning for young shrubs at an early stage, laying the groundwork for healthy development, and continue this annual practice to maintain their form and vigor.


When it comes to hedges, our skilled crew, well-versed in the art of hedge grooming, utilizes precision tools to sculpt and refine their appearance, adding a touch of sharpness that complements any landscape design. For trees, our approach encompasses the strategic removal of aging branches, the mitigation of blunt openings caused by broken limbs, and the elimination of deadwood. These measures are imperative not only to safeguard against potential injuries to humans and pets but also to mitigate liability risks for property owners. Additionally, our arborists undertake the careful trimming and pruning of trees in gardens and yards, ensuring that each branch contributes harmoniously to the overall beauty of the landscape.


At Pro-Trim Tree Services, our commitment to tree pruning and trimming extends throughout the year. Contrary to common misconceptions, pruning and trimming at any season do not harm trees; however, late winter and early spring are optimal periods for these activities, coinciding with the onset of new branch growth. Whether it's a weekday, weekend, or holiday, our services are available to address your trimming and pruning needs promptly, including emergency responses when required. Let us help you maintain the health and splendor of your green assets—reach out to us today.

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